What Medicare Does and Doesn’t Cover

With the cost of healthcare and health insurance becoming prohibitive for the average senior, Medicare can be a lifesaver. according to AARP, “Medicare covers the majority of older Americans’ healthcare needs — from hospital care and doctor visits to lab tests and prescription drugs.” But, as you probably know, it doesn’t cover everything. It’s important to know what is not covered so you can plan how to pay for those services.

Medicare does not cover the following: opticians and eye exams, hearing aids, dental work, overseas care, podiatry, cosmetic surgery, and nursing-home care. “Some Medicare Advantage plans cover routine vision care and glasses,” says AARP. “For some people, it makes sense to buy a vision insurance policy for a few hundred dollars a year to defray the costs of glasses or contact lenses.”

For more information on what original Medicare and medigap plans don’t cover, see the AARP article.