Press Release: A Guide for Older Adults About Living Well Now and in the Future

how to age with graceA timely new book for seniors and their adult children—How to Age with Grace: Living Your Best Life in Your 70s, 80s, and Beyond—answers the ten most pressing questions older adults ask to help them live well now and prepare for the years ahead.

Getting older is inevitable; giving up on life is not. Once we accept that this is a perfectly natural stage of life, we can choose how we want to live our last few decades. While there is no doubt that modern medicine can do wonders to slow down or even reverse the natural erosion of body parts, we play an important role in preventing the predictable effects of aging. We are not omnipotent, but neither are we helpless. There are many things we can do to make aging more pleasant and even the best years of our lives.

“Most of us don’t envision the inevitable changes that come with aging. One day, they just seem to appear, bringing with them a host of questions. “While there are no magic answers to these questions,” notes Bobbi Linkemer, “the more we understand, the better able we will be to answer them. If there are potential problems, perhaps we can prevent them. If there are suggestions for enhancing our lives, now would be a good time to explore them.”

As we enter this new stage of life, we find ourselves wondering when the time is right to stop living on our own, turn in our car keys, and prepare to retire. How to maintain our health and safety become increasingly important subjects. We have to face a few tough topics, such as how long we can remain independent and how to talk to our adult children about what we will need and want at the end of our lives.

How to Age with Grace delves into each of these questions and provides an array of answers, as well as valuable resources to give readers many more options. A compilation of current research, personal and professional insights for older adults and experts, and the author’s own life experiences give readers a 360-degree perspective on each topic.

Bobbi Linkemer was a writing coach, ghostwriter, and editor before she retired in 2019 at the age of eighty-two. During her fifty-year career, she wrote for magazines, organizations, and individuals in a wide range of industries. She has written twenty-seven books and helped many aspiring authors write and publish their books. Bobbi’s interest in aging is personal because she is an older adult and practical because she is aware of the many options when it comes to getting the most out of life. Like so many of her contemporaries, she continues to be active physically, intellectually, and politically.