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Surviving Multiple Lemons in Short Time Span: Learning From Bobbi Linkemer’s Sage Advice

COVID19 was just another challenge Bobbi Linkemer faced in 2020. She also lost her business, her ability to drive and moved several times, all very stressful events in life. But, the 80+ year old survivor felt “Zen” even through those tough times by leaning on her passion, which is writing. Despite all the chaos, Bobbi wrote her latest book, How to Age with Grace, Living Your Best Life in Your 70s, 80s, and Beyond, in 2020. With over 50 years of writing and editing experience, and going through a divorce when divorce was not very common, Bobbi has learned a thing or two about surviving life’s lemons. Join us for this fascinating discussion about Flow, Mission and Knowing that everything has an expiration date, even life’s lemons.

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