Four Ways to Age with Grace

Aging with grace is neither a given nor an impossibility. In many ways, it is a choice in that you can choose your attitude and your behavior. Of course, many things are out of your control, such as accidents, illness, and natural disasters. But assuming you have some power over your health and well-being, here are four sensible ways to begin.

  1. Accept and value being whatever age you are by immediately bringing to mind the people your age who are not in as good condition as you are or have not lived to be your age at all; make a quick five-point gratitude list; and do a research project on the accomplishments of older people you admire.
  2. Take the physical signs of aging in your stride by countering each negative one that comes to mind with an equal and opposite physical ability or achievement you do have; make a firm commitment to exercise regularly; and take concrete steps to improve your strength, flexibility, stamina, balance, and cardiovascular fitness.
  3. Make the most of the rest of your life, knowing what is possible and within your power to create by rereading the accomplishments of role models who are your age or older; remember (make a list, if necessary) your own accomplishments in recent years; and continue to do the things that bring you joy.
  4. Find pleasure in living, doing, creating, and contributing in perpetuity by deciding to be happy, focusing on micro-moments of bliss, and then stringing them all together to create something beautiful.

(I’m going to post this in a place where I can always see it!)