Biden to Expand Caretaking Services for Aging Population

(byJeff Stein, excerpted from

Biden jobs plan seeks $400 billion to expand caretaking services as U.S. faces surge in aging population

President Biden’s jobs plan proposes a massive investment—$400 billion over eight years—in-home care for the elderly and people with disabilities, as America’s caretaking system faces strain from the nation’s looming demographic challenges.

“The inclusion of home care represents a significant commitment from the White House … The fate of its provisions is tied up with the broader proposal, which faces a highly uncertain path to passage …

“The prominence of the proposed home-care expansion reflects the growing alarm by some experts about the nation’s inability to absorb the enormous growth in its elderly population — a challenge that threatens to strain an already limited workforce of caregivers; complicate the retirements of millions of people; and force many children, particularly daughters, out of the labor market to care for their parents.”

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