how to age with grace

How to Age with Grace

Living Your Best Life in Your 70s, 80s, and Beyond

How to Age with Grace answers the ten most pressing questions older adults ask to help them live well now and prepare for the years ahead. Most of us don’t envision the inevitable changes that come with aging. One day, they just seem to appear, bringing with them a host of concerns.

Will I run out of money? Will I be alone without friends, family, or a support system? Will I be safe in my home? Will my health deteriorate? Not everyone worries about the same aspects of aging; we each have our own Achilles’ heel.

While there are no magic answers to these questions, the more we understand, the better able we will be to answer them. If there are potential problems, perhaps we can prevent them. If there are suggestions for enhancing our lives, now would be a good time to explore them.
Each chapter answers one question thoroughly; and each is both personal and practical, explaining the subject clearly, sharing the author’s experience, calling on the knowledge of many experts, and offering scores of suggestions on how to prevent or deal with the issue.

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More Thoughts on Aging with Grace

What you need to know to live well now and in the years to come

As our numbers increase, so do the subjects that interest us. Aging isn’t just a matter of adding years to one’s life; it is also about adding quality to that life. What we need as we get older is what we needed when we were young: physical and mental well-being, community, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose.

In addition to those overarching issues, there are many practical concerns that vie for our attention. They include safety, sickness, loss, grief, ageism, family, financial security, love, retirement, climate change, living arrangements, happiness, sadness, scams, technology, and for the first time in our lives, a global pandemic.

These and more are covered within the pages of More Thoughts on Aging with Grace. This is not an exhaustive list because, as the number of older adults heads toward an estimated 85.7 million by 2050, the range of subject matter and new information will increase right along with the numbers. This information becomes more significant with each passing year.

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Published in Print

Bobbi’s article—”Reluctant Retiree”—has been published in the Spring issue of 3rd Act Magazine, Aging with Confidence, a publication of the American Society on Aging (ASA). “3rd Act Magazine endeavors to inform, inspire, and entertain older adults. Its stories and articles challenge worn-out perceptions of aging and offer a dynamic new vision.”


Bobbi’s article is in very good company, surrounded by interesting, informative, top-notch writing by experienced writers and experts in the field of the new aging paradigm. The publication is also beautifully designed and printed. It’s online and in print. 

For information, visit American Society on Aging  or 3rd Act Magazine.
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